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Baker Teaching Fellowship

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Dr. Z works with students in a small group.

KIPP Jacksonville Schools is a non-profit network of college-preparatory, public charter schools, dedicated to preparing students in educationally underserved communities for success in college and life. We seek to grow the number of outstanding educators in our schools through the Baker Teaching Fellowship program, named after KIPP Jacksonville’s founding board chairman, John D. Baker II.  The Fellowship provides focused development, support and structure to individuals launching a career in urban public education.

This program is ideal for:
1)  those graduating from an education preparation program
2)  those graduating from an alternative certification program
3)  someone who has passed Florida certification exams in an appropriate area (usually K-6 or Pre-K-Primary-Grade 3)

Overview of Position
KIPP Jacksonville Schools believes that our staff will represent our core values—high expectations, a growth mindset and commitment to team. We can link each aspect of the Fellowship to our core values and we are searching for aspiring educators who embody them.

  • High Expectations—Fellows demonstrate a commitment to working with educationally underserved students in Jacksonville and hold a high bar of excellence for both themselves and their students. Fellows are considered full-time certified teachers paired with a Lead Teacher.  They engage in a gradual release of increased instructional responsibilities, while the majority of lesson planning is owned by the Lead Teacher.  The goal for each Fellow is to master the necessary skills to become a Lead Teacher with KIPP (1 year).
  • Growth Mindset— Fellows have the desire and humility to receive and implement feedback to improve their practice. Fellows are paired with an instructional coach who conducts weekly observations and provides feedback.  Focused professional development occurs weekly.
  • Commitment to Team—Fellows believe that greater success comes from working together as a team. Fellows are paired with a Lead Teacher in our lower elementary classrooms (K or 1st).  The co-teaching model allows real-time support during the Fellowship and smaller class sizes for our students. This grade level placement is not permanent and should a Fellow be offered a Lead position the following year, they would be able to preference a wider range of elementary grade levels at that time. Fellows and teachers alike work an extended day (7:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m.) in support of our students.


  • Full-time salary during the fellowship year is $42,500. Upon successful completion of the program and an offer of a first-year Lead Teacher position, the salary increases to $47,000.
  • Free individual insurance benefits (medical, dental, & vision) and a 403b retirement program with company match
  • Consistent, high-quality support and professional development offered through KIPP Jacksonville Schools

Requirements of a Fellow include:

  • Bachelor’s Degree (to be completed prior to summer of 2017)
  • Florida Teaching Certification or Equivalent (certification received upon graduation is acceptable and should be listed in the job application)
  • Highly Qualified designation or willingness to take appropriate steps to be HQ prior to June 2, 2017

Application Process
All applicants should apply via the online application. You can click here to open the application in a new window. Applicants can expect to do a video screen and a final interview in most instances.

Applicants that engage in the entire process can expect to do a video screen and a final interview in most instances. Please email Allison Cook at with further questions about our Fellowship. No applications are accepted via email.

Frequently Asked Questions from Potential Teaching Fellow Candidates:

  • When should I apply?
    • Now! We review applications on a rolling basis and move forward with candidates as we are able to.
  • About how long does the selection process take?
    • We aim to interview candidates, start to finish, in 40 days but in some cases we may take longer. Putting as much information as possible around certification/certification tests helps us process your application faster. Completing next steps in the process quickly also helps speed up the process.
    • If given an offer, Fellows will be placed at either KIPP VOICE Elementary OR KIPP Jacksonville Elementary.
  • What if I’ve already taught for one year or have VPK/daycare/paraprofessional/sub experience?
    • If you’ve taught for one year or less as a full-time certified teacher then we still recommend applying for the Fellow position. If you have several years of experience as a VPK teacher or other equivalent experience, please include that in your application and if you would like to also be considered for a Lead Teacher position. Typically we require at least 2 years of full-time lead teaching experience for Lead positions.
  • What if I’m currently an Education major and won’t receive my certificate until after I graduate?
    • That’s okay—apply now! Please put on your application that you expect to be certified by a specific date (graduation in most cases). If selected for the Fellowship, you will need to meet the certification requirements prior to a specific date so that you can be fingerprinted and receive your certificate.
  • What if I’m not certified when I apply for this position?
  • How do I know if I’m highly qualified?
    • Being Highly Qualified (HQ) is part of federal guidelines, and is required for our instructional employees so that they are eligible for hire. Our school district certifies a teacher’s highly qualified status. For elementary teachers specifically, being HQ can sometimes mean taking and passing the appropriate subject area exam (K-6 or Primary-3rd tests). If you’re transferring an out of state certificate, your local district can confirm your HQ status for you.
  • What if I haven’t worked with students in an urban school setting?
    • Please clearly write on your application why working with this student population is something that you’re interested in starting.
  • How is this Fellowship different than just teaching somewhere else on my own?  
    • We’re glad you asked! We know the first year of teaching is difficult no matter where you’re teaching or what you’re teaching. We aim to better support first year teachers and provide that extra layer of coaching and support so that your students are achieving at the highest levels possible.